Call for Pictures!

140213-same-sex-marriage-va-jms-2300_9af9d34bad066e465b4c00e97ed4e419Arcadia Press is considering the LGBT picture book, The Making of LGBT Hampton Roads. Dr. Charles Ford and Dr. Jeffrey Littlejohn will be writing and researching this project. Some of the work already been done — thanks to the placards exhibition at the 2014 Hampton Roads Pride and hope that will continue to grow and be enhanced this year.

How can you help? Dr. Ford and Dr. Littlejohn need 225-250 pics for the entire book.  They are requesting the use of your photographs to match the table of contents and chronology of the book. They need about 20 pictures for Chapter 1, and then 40-50 for each of the other chapters.

The pictures should be preferably of people, in color, high-resolution, or scannable.

All proceeds from this book will go back to Hampton Roads Pride so your help will help continue the mission and growth of our organization.

Proposed Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements and Permissions
Chapter 1, Before Stonewall in the Old Dominion, 1969-Before
Chapter 2, “Mildly Militant”: The Advent of Gay Liberation, 1969-79
Chapter 3, Building and Sustaining Our Own Communities, 1979-88
Chapter 4, Triumph and Tragedy: Enduring the Plague Years, 1988-98
Chapter 5, Treading Water in Transition: Our Own After Our Own Press, 1988-2007
Chapter 6, Renaissance and Transformation in the New Century, 2007-Present

Submissions will be accepted through February and March and can be sent directly to Dr. Ford.