History of Hampton Roads LGBTQIA+

Hampton Roads Pride not only provides inclusive gatherings for building connections, but we also document and reflect upon our own communities' histories and accomplishments. Dr. Charles H. Ford, professor of history at Norfolk State University professor and a long-time board member, has launched a local LGBTQ film series, named "Red Lights and Civil Rights." The first two installments on our website under Media & Resources focus upon Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood and the City of Hampton. We hope eventually to have films covering all seven cities with at least three more featuring various parts of Norfolk. Click on this link for those first two films:

Did you know?
While what became Hampton Roads Pride held its first events in the summer of 1989, the organization was not formally incorporated until August 1997. Who were the initial Directors of the newly incorporated Board? The initial Directors were the following: hair stylist Mitch Rosa, the Reverend Jim Downing, A.T. Jewell from Newport News, bar owners Annette Stone and Tony Pritchard, Daniel M. Campfield of Virginia Beach, and city planner Donald "Bubba" Davis. (Source: Articles of Incorporation of Hampton Roads Pride)


Norfolk - Ghent